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In 2097, a terrible virus infected most of humanity and transformed them into beastmen with the ability to transform themselves into their animal sides.

To counter the spread of the virus, all the people infected by it were arranged to be moved in a russian forest named the Taiga. 

In order to make them stay in there, humanity built a wall around the forest and arranged for people to guard it at all times. 

In this game you incarnate Echtroy, a beastmen born within the forest that does not know the outside world. His particularity is that he can transform into 3 different animals : an eagle, a rat and a boar.

After the death of his parents, Echtroy decided to try and go out the forest and see what lies beyond the wall.

This game was my first video Game project that I made for my first year at university.

Install instructions

To play this game, download the folder by clicking the button "Download". Then open the folder and open finalbuild.exe to run the game.


build_echtroy.rar 17 MB

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